From 15 March to 13 April 2024, our second-year trainees went to Dublin as part of the Erasmus+ program. As a future IT specialist, Lion gained an insight into the IT department of a hospital during his internship abroad. Due to the size of the institution and the department, he was faced with completely different process structures and working methods. Merle and Michelle were able to gain experience as commercial trainees at a wholesale company in the textile industry and provide support with customer service. This included not only assisting and advising customers in the selection of products in the company’s atelier, but also providing support with scheduling and order entry. Of course, the weekends also included visits to well-known sights in and around Dublin. In addition to improving their English skills, the focus of the stay abroad was on intercultural experiences and personal development. We are delighted that the three of them had a great time in Dublin and are now supporting us on site again.

Rhede, 22. April 2024