The “Rheder Model” is a project in which regional companies work together to achieve a larger volume of funding. Currently, 23 companies have decided to support the project. On Tuesday, April 9, 2024, we were able to present the selected projects for 2024 together with the other jury members. A total of 22,000 euros will be used to support four projects. The Caritas Association for the Bocholt Deanery will receive funding for the “Urban Gardening at Gudula Kloster” project. The Jugendwerk Rhede e.V. will receive funding for the opening of the bike park, which can be realized with the active support of many young people from Rhede. The volunteer group of rickshaw drivers will receive funding for the purchase of a new rickshaw and will therefore be able to continue offering tours and excursions for senior citizens at both senior centers. In addition, the “Tiger Sharks” swimming school will be supported in offering swimming training for children with special needs. We are now looking forward to the implementation of the projects and, of course, to other companies that would also like to get involved in the “Rhede model”.

Rhede, April 10, 2024