On Thursday, November 17, 2022, the district-wide “Night of Apprenticeship” took place once again. We were also happy to open our doors to interested students, parents and siblings on this evening and provide insights into our company and our apprenticeships. In numerous discussions we were able to explain the contents of our apprenticeship professions, provide information about further training opportunities after the apprenticeship and go into detail about the implementation of vocational training especially at HERDING. This includes not only the offer of in-house English lessons, but also several internal and external seminars, as well as excursions and the possibility of an internship abroad in Malta during the apprenticeship.

Applications for an apprenticeship in the field of “Management Assistant for Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management” for the year 2023 are welcome to be sent by e-mail to our Training Manager Ms. Andrea Beisheim (ausbildung@chb.de).

Rhede, November 28, 2022